August 30, 2011

How many chiropractic adjustments do I need? Part 2

Because we look at the spine from the perspective of “balance first” and not “joint alignment first” we tend to make fewer chiropractic adjustments than other chiropractors do. We improve the balance, and let the body's intelligence move the spine for itself, which it does, often with remarkable speed.
August 23, 2011

Chiropractic adjustments: how many do I really need? Part 1

Anchorage residents are asking: How many chiropractic adjustments do I need? Here’s the short answer: “It depends.” How many chiropractic adjustments you really need depends on two very important things. What you want out of your chiropractic care. The system of care your chiropractor is using. In this article, let’s talk about you and your use of chiropractic care first. We’ll save part two to talk about what your chiropractor is doing with his or […]
August 9, 2011

Anchorage residents ask: “Is it okay to pop my own neck?”

It may feel good to pop your own neck. But usually that immediate feeling of relaxation disappears in a few minutes and it's replaced by a new desire to pop your neck again. Which means whatever good you think you might be doing isn't really lasting.