January 2, 2014

Meniere’s Disease, Anxiety, and Troublesome Pregnancy Respond to NUCCA Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

When I'm in alignment I don't have any anxiety, I don't have any ear pressure...it's just amazing.
August 26, 2013

Shooting Pain, Dizziness & Headaches Following Severe Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

I feel great. My dizziness went away almost immediately, my neck started to feel better--I just stopped having a lot of my pains show up. -Zeke H.
August 6, 2013

Vertigo: Going, going…gone

She replied that she’d not had a single episode of vertigo, and that the fullness and noise in her ears was gone along with the jaw pain.
July 18, 2013

Years of Debilitating Spinal Pain

I was tender when I came in, but the day after my visit I didn't need to take any pain medicine until almost 4pm. It's been about 3 years since that happened.
October 16, 2011

Hip pain, Low Back pain, Corrected with Upper Cervical Alignment

The search for maintaining health is somewhat like mining for gold. When you use regular chiropractic care it is like finding a stream that has good quality gold, but when you use the upper cervical chiropractic care, you have hit the mother-lode.
October 16, 2011

Vertigo, back pain, and a life turned upside down

I wish I would have discovered upper cervical chiropractic care far earlier than I did. I also wish the radiologists who examined my MRIs and the Neuro-Ortho Surgeon who examined the MRIs and the spinal X-rays would have been educated in the detection of an Atlas Subluxation.
October 16, 2011

Sharp low back pain, headaches, tingling resolve with NUCCA care

I am back out on the soccer field a few times a month now – not as aggressive a player as before but it feels good to be able to get out and run. The past few months, I am out running the track 2-3 times a week...
April 13, 2011

Suffering without answers, until NUCCA care

What was wrong? I had been suffering from an arrhythmia (atrial fibrillation) for quite some time that was undiagnosed. I have been hypothyroid most of my adult life. I was diagnosed with asthma as I was approaching my 50th birthday. Aches and pains were becoming an increasing issues as I aged. My stomach was often upset and I would have heart burn 2-3 times a week. But mostly, it had been a very long time […]
April 13, 2011

Brain fog, hip, and knee pain resolved

I had arthritis in my left knee that used to lock with pain. When my spine is in alignment, I don't have the hip pain, and the pain in my knee is gone. An added benefit has been that my blood pressure is much lower.