Our guiding principles

Rumsey Spinal Care is committed to providing the best natural spinal care in Alaska. To that end we must continually adhere to the most rigorous standards and objective outcome measures in the chiropractic profession while simultaneously granting a flexibility of care that is specific to our patients' individual goals.

The following principles guide our relationships with our patients, coordinating health care providers, and the community:

Success depends upon our ability to satisfy the needs of our patients. This begins with an honest, accurate assessment of each and every individual seeking care at our office in order to determine whether they are a candidate for NUCCA care, or if their healthcare needs will be better met elsewhere.

The NUCCA procedure requires a high level of technical competence to deliver consistent results. Annual and biannual training and continuing education establishes a level of patient care that is proficient and up-to-date. Active participation in the NUCCA professional certification standards program provides the highest level of quality control in the chiropractic profession.

No two patients have the same needs or wants. Successful collaboration requires an understanding of the individual goals and desires of our patients. We will listen to our patients to ensure that we are working toward a shared goal while at the same time upholding required standards in order to acheive the mutual satisfaction we're committed to.

We will never recommend or perform services that are not in the direct interest of our patients' health and quality of life.

Coordinating Healthcare Providers
Many patients have healthcare needs that extend beyond the scope of a single practitioner. We are committed to optimizing the overall healthcare experience of our patients by effectively communicating details of care and progress with referring healthcare practitioners in order to provide an efficient return to health. When patients display symptoms or present with conditions that fall outside the chiropractic scope we will help guide them to healthcare providers that are uniquely suited to meet their current needs.

We commit to being a responsible business member of the local community. We will maintain high ethical standards, observe and obey all laws, rules, and regulations, and respect the individuals that make up the community. As a healthcare provider we are dedicated to providing a clean, safe, and attractive environment. In all of our practices we strive to reflect a positive image of ourselves and the chiropractic profession as a whole to the groups and individuals we work with and around.