Dr. Anthony Rumsey

NUCCA Practitioner

I've been very fortunate. Number six in my family to become a chiropractor, I grew up listening to the discussions of my chiropractic family members. The solid reasoning behind the chiropractic rationale didn't take long to become apparent to me then, and it has continued to prove itself in my own life as well as the health and lives of my patients and family.

Growing up in a small town in northern Wisconsin, I went on to attend the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse where I earned my degree in biology. From there I decided to pursue the chiropractic field of study at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.
It is unfortunate that so few appreciate from what small causes diseases come. -Charles H. Mayo, M.D.

Professional Background

  • 2002-2005University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse

    Bachelor of Science
  • 2005-2009Palmer College of Chiropractic

    Doctor of Chiropractic Magna Cum Laude
  • 2008Clinic Abroad

    Madagascar Humanitarian Service
  • 2008Preceptorship

    Correction Creek Chiropractic Centre Dr. Dale Strama
  • 2009-2011NUCCA Associateship

    Yardley Institute Dr. Lee G. Yardley
  • 2009NUCCA Part I Certification

  • 2010NUCCA Part II Certification

  • 2011Rumsey Spinal Care

    Established in Anchorage, AK